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The information presented here is not intended as advice but to empower you in making informed investment decisions. The referenced investments or services might not suit all investors. We do not assess the suitability of your chosen investments unless explicitly stated. Contact our Financial Advisers if uncertain about any investment's suitability.

Execution-Only Basis: We act solely to execute your investment instructions. We refrain from providing advice unless engaged specifically by you. You're accountable for your investment decisions and ensuring your eligibility to hold chosen investments, including any associated restrictions.

Risk and Long-Term Investment: Unlike cash, stock market investments fluctuate and may decrease in value. We advocate long-term investment (5+ years). Returns are variable, and there's a risk of receiving less than invested.

Stock Market Risks: Individual shares may be delisted suddenly, leading to difficulties or inability to sell, risking total investment loss.

Cancellation and Accessibility: Some investments lack cancellation rights and don't offer capital guarantees like deposit accounts. Accessibility may vary.

Performance Indication: Past performance doesn't guarantee future results.

Currency and Tax Considerations: Fluctuating exchange rates may impact investment values. Tax rules can change, affecting benefits based on individual circumstances.

Additional Charges: Apart from initial charges, bid/offer spread or dilution levy might apply.

Regulation Note: Although we hold the relevant licensing with the appropriate regulatory bodies, and are permitted to service our clients repatriatng to the UK, we are not directly regulated by the FCA .

Liquidity and Information Accessibility: Some investments, may be less liquid and challenging to evaluate accurately.

Transfers and Considerations: Understand the implications of transferring ISAs, pensions, or unit trusts. Transfers may involve limitations or market absence during the process, impacting potential gains or losses. Exit fees might apply; contact us for details.

UK Pension Contribution Guidance

Please review this information thoroughly, especially if you've made or intend to make substantial pension contributions.

UK residents under 75 can contribute to a personal pension with tax relief, but there are vital considerations to bear in mind:

  1. Relevant UK earnings: Ensure personal and employee contributions in a tax year don't exceed total earnings or £3,600 if higher.

  2. Annual allowance: Total pension contributions (including from an employer) are capped at £60,000 gross annually. Defined benefit pensions' value counts toward this limit. High-income individuals might face a lower allowance based on 'Adjusted Income'.

  3. Carry forward: Unused annual allowances from previous tax years may allow contributions beyond the annual cap.

  4. Money purchase annual allowance (£10,000 gross): Applicable if you've taken flexible pension benefits after 5 April 2015. This limit concerns money purchase contributions and doesn't allow carry forward.

  5. Lifetime allowance: Although the lifetime allowance tax charge was removed from April 6, 2023, an upper limit still applies. As of April 6, 2024, this limit is slated for removal. It considers all pension accumulations and sets constraints on tax-free amounts. Protection may limit your tax-free cash to 25% or £268,275 unless specifically protected.

  6. Enhanced or fixed protection: Pre-existing enhanced or fixed protection against the lifetime allowance remains intact for contributions made after April 5, 2023.

  7. Recycling caution: Consider avoiding a significant spike in contributions before or after taking tax-free cash from a pension to prevent potential punitive tax charges labeled as "recycling."

If you have any questions please speak with one of our advisers.


Meeting with a Lawyer

Our website provides insights on investing and saving without offering personalized advice. If uncertain about suitable investments, seek guidance, such as from our financial advisers.


Prior to investing, review our crucial investment notes; keep in mind, investments are prone to fluctuations, potentially yielding returns lower than your initial investment.

Pension Wise

Pension Wise is a free, impartial government service for anyone aged 50 or over, with a UK based personal or workplace pension.

It can help you understand what type of pension you have, how you can access your savings and the potential tax implications of each option. But it isn’t financial advice.

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Retirement Planning

If you are unsure and need help making decisions, we can assist you to:

  • Make sure your investments align with your goals

  • Plan your personal budget and retirement income strategy

  • Give pension advice, including when and how to take them

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