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Senior Private Client Advisor

Private Client Advisor

Investment Account Manager

Admin Support

Our Senior Private Client Advisor will have a minimum of two years experience in the Wealth Management field and ideally be qualified to UK level 4 standard or equivalent.


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As a Private Client Advisor your role will be to work closely with clients in their medium to long term personal financial planning. You will be advising on the following areas:

  • Wealth Management

  • Pensions

  • Lump Sum investments

  • Regular savings

  • Portfolio accounts

We offer a unique and compelling experience to our expanding base of clients and partners. We have absolute focus in our business and in order for us to succeed, our clients must also succeed. We strive to fully understand our clients’ needs and align our interests with theirs. We keep in close communication throughout the relationship and provide an educational framework so they fully understand the financial decisions they make. This leads to positive outcomes and long fruitful relationships. We aim to build increasing wealth under management and this can only be achieved by offering a proposition that is concise and reliable.

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Our Investment Account Managers work alongside our Private Client Advisors and undertake a broad range of tasks that develop them to a stage where they can ultimately progress into a Private Client Advisors themselves.

The Investment Account Manager’s role involves:

  • Business development

  • Research/Paraplanning

  • Attending internal and external fact-finding meetings

  • Networking

  • Undertaking financial examinations

  • Learning and staying current with financial markets and products​

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We have various roles available for Admin Support and back office duties.


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