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Poor Service?

Maybe we can help ...

"After more than two decades in financial services, it may be surprising to some, that the biggest cause of dissatisfaction I witnessed from prospective clients, was not down to the performance of their investments, but down to the level of service that they had received from their consultant, often I have met clients with portfolios that were performing well, yet they were extremely unhappy with their advisor"

- Nicholas J Grams, CEO SWM.

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Are you tired of endless broken promises?

Our Top Ten list of most common complaints:

  1. A general Lack of contact and updates on investment(s).

  2. A seemingly endless rotation of new servicing consultants. 

  3. New consultants with limited or no industry knowledge. 

  4. New consultants programmed to require a 'full review' of the portfolio and the inevitable need to 'rebalance' investments at a further cost or fee.

  5. A failure to respond to attempts to make contact.

  6. The promise of 'exclusive' products and opportunities due to a company's 'buying power', but in reality; a restrictive portfolio designed to maximise commission payments to the advisor and/or company.

  7. 'My Investment portfolio does not match my attitude to investment.'

  8. Broken promises of regular updates and reviews on investments.

  9. Having to chase advisors and advisories for support.

  10. Hidden cost's and fee's built into products with little or no transparency.

Unhappy and disappointed customer giving

Many advisories promise the earth and deliver very little.

Were you promised any or all of the above ? Only to be left unheard, chasing the company that is supposed to value you ?

So how are we different ?

"Treat each and every client like they are your only client!"

At SWM, we:

  • Send each and every client monthly valuations and updates.

  • Provide 1/4ly analysis on your portfolios and updates on each and every investment that you hold.

  • Provide access via your very own online portal, to request valuations and a variety of services at the click of a button.

  • Provide regular reviews to ensure your investments are performing and still in line with your ever changing life and goals.

  • Provide online access to your consultants diary so you can either book an appointment directly or request us to do it for you.

  • Do NOT charge fee's when portfolio's are rebalanced, therefore removing any possibility of 'churning' a clients investments.

  • We ONLY use institutional class funds with no hidden kickbacks and commissions.


If the above is of interest to you, or if you merely want to hear more, get in touch!

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